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Alan Rickman at the BFI London Film Festival for the premiere of his film A Little Chaos [2014]


This is one of my cosplays from DCC14 - I was Morgana, and my good friend went as Merlin (from BBC’s Merlin, of course)! 

I created the pattern for the dress and I was lucky enough to find all the beads I needed for the jewelry, as well as just the right gold trim. All the embroidery on the bodice and arm bands was stitched by hand over the period of several months. I’ve had a couple people talk to me about drawing up pattern a for the dress, and that will be happening soon! If anyone has any questions about how I made anything, just drop by my inbox. :) 


Morgana cosplay refs and help!

Series 1

I can’t promise you the names of the types of dresses but I’ll do my best. Here are some of the more memorable dresses of Series 1. I reccomend a long brown wig for Morgana with a hint of curl. So maybe a wavy one. Depend on how many costumes you will do, you may need more than one wig if you plan to style them.

Episode 1: A very modern dress. It has no sleeves, rather it is connected to a thick, gold chain necklace/collar. It’s a dark crimson or ochre with a matching shawl. Gold embroidery/or a belt, is around the waist. Morgana wears a beaded circlet, tiny beads mind you, in very dark reds, around her head. And possibly either some glitter or a bindi type thing beneath her right eye. Hint of green. 

Cherry red lipstick. Her hair is pulled back, but curls border her face. 

Purple/Grey Blue Dress: Love this one! It’s so pretty. The dress is a rich, royal purple, no sleeves, decent strap width. Low neckline. Over the top is a sort of over robe. Thin, see through steel grey fabric. Very large sleeves. Both dresses have a train. Beaded and jeweled cuffs are just above the elbow on the overrobe. Underneath are gold, lace sleeves.

The dress has a gold belt with blue beads in the centre. There is also gold embroidery over the breasts. A strand of chain ending in a light red/orange jewel is situated in the centre of her forehead. She wears rings on her fingers, one at least is jade, and earrings. 

The underdress you may be able to find, but you will probably have to make the rest. Good luck!

Green Cloak: This is probably velvet. Is a beautiful grassy green. Moss green? It has a hood, quite a large one. Round, gold medallions are it’s clasp. It’s worn over a green dress, probably hs a gold belt. Her hair is down. 

Find cloak patterns here, here, here and here. But do look elsewhere, also try sewing pattern books, the costume section.

Blue and Gold Dress: Simple blue underdress with thick sleeves, under a see through, thin fabric overrobe. Similar to the other one. This has a wave gold belt over it. Similar gold embroideries over the breast. She wears a gold and sea blue/green necklace, with gold triangles. 

Some of her hair is pinned back, the rest is curly/wavy and loose. 

Ealdor: Love this outfit, but not I think, designed for battle.She wears dark breeches and a long grey shirt, with puffy, big shouldered, sleeves. Neckline is low, and the cleavage area is torn. A wide leather belt, with three buckles is just under her breasts. She wears a green cloak/robe with hood, some of which is velvet. 

A silver necklace that resembles long rectangles is around her neck. They end in wider rectangles. When fighting she wears dark brown gloves and silver armour, with leather ties, with  circular design. Also a sword. Her hair is all pinned, pulled back. 

Hope that helps! Series 2 coming soon!

New Thranduil Poster aka I need medical attention (x) 

New Thranduil Poster aka I need medical attention (x

'We've come to tell you payment of your debt has been offered… And accepted.'


The mystery has been solved! 

Newt Scamander only meant to stay in New York for a few hours.


Harry Potter Film Concept Art by Adam Brockbank (x)

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